Balancing Skill and Style, A Never Ending Journey

Mom playing piano 2Ever since I started playing the piano and singing, I’ve made sure to make time to keep learning new ways and new techniques to improve.

Yes, playing the piano is absolutely a skill that can be learned by anyone. It’s like sports, typing or crochet. You start a bit slow, and that can be frustrating. Yet once you finish your first song, you feel a wonderful, tangible sense of accomplishment. Soon, after practice, your fingers just know where to go. Your brain doesn’t even have to think about it anymore and sounds you enjoy just start happening.

That’s when you start adding style. You start listening to some of the classics and the modern legends. You see Elton John perform and you notice that he holds his hands a bit differently than you do. Maybe you should try that…. even if it doesn’t work for you, you’re developing your own style and you’re creating something unique, individual and your own.

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