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Julie Beach Mascia combines the spirit and skill of music in her private piano and voice lessons. Discover your passion and talent.

Voice and piano tutoring sessions available, contact for more details!

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Music and Voice Lessons in Sanford & Lake Mary Florida by Julie Mascia

About Me

As a mother and an artist, I've spent my entire personal and professional life coaxing out everyone's musical talent. I truly believe that music is inside everyone. Everyone has the ability to share their own unique expression through their voice or through an instrument. In my private voice and piano lessons, I teach them the skills they need, build upon their strengths and help them discover their own voice and style.

My Experience

From Presidents to Pre-Schoolers, I've had the rare and wonderful opportunity to perform my art to a wide variety of people. I've been a teacher. I've been able to bring out the beauty of a person's voice for competition or an enriching expression. I've performed for heads of state, international dignitaries and with legends like Dave Brubeck. Through it all, whether it's a school play or a command performance, I've been able to combine the skill and spirit of music.

My Philosophy

I believe that everyone has an innate ability to create music. All too often people tell me that they can't sing or play an instrument. I just smile and start with simple instructions. Building on these early successes, people start seeing their confidence increase. Because people are unique, I help them find their voice and their style and once the skills are mastered, their unique voice and style of music starts to grow into something they have for the rest of their life.

Personal Music Instruction

I work with your schedule to discover the best way to accommodate your busy life while providing you with individual attention that focuses on giving you the skills you need to create music. Please contact me to create a private music instruction plan that fits your schedule, your life and your budget.

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